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Grapes have always been considered a special fruit to be savored, not just eaten. In ancient times it was known as the 'fruit of the gods'. It is believed that grapes were first cultivated in the Fertile Triangle in modern day Iraq or perhaps Iran (Persia). As one of the oldest cultivated crops, it is believed that Columbus brought grape species to North America from Europe. In the New World, and specifically California, grapes have been grown for two centuries. In the 1760's, missions in the region grew grapes solely for the purpose of making wine. It was not until the 1850's that the first commercial table grape vineyard in California was started.

Today, about seventy-five percent of harvested grapes are made into wine, raisins and juice - with the rest reserved for fresh consumption. With 550 farmers making up California's table grape industry, it is estimated that 98 percent of the fresh grapes grown in the United States are nurtured here.

Grapery® is proud to be an integral part of this regional industry, and to ship its remarkable, delicious, all-natural grapes to grocers across the United States, as well as to a dozen foreign distributors.