Flavor. It's in our nature.

June 09, 2011

At Grapery, we are passionate about growing grapes that taste great. We want you to say "WOW!" every time you get the chance to eat our delicious grapes.

Our new website and blog will update and inform you on what we do in the field so that you can learn about how we are working hard to deliver great tasting grapes. And we love to get feedback so that we know if we're on the right track or where we need to improve.

We hope our new website and blog will be a great forum for feedback and comments so that we can share our passion for flavor with all of our customers. So check back often and please write to us with your thoughts and questions!

Balanced Vines - A Key to Outstanding Flavor

June 9, 2011

One of the most important keys to growing great tasting grapes is having healthy, balanced grapevines, and we are very busy in the vineyard this time of year balancing our vines and crop. One of the most difficult jobs for all farmers is to cut bunches off the vine so that it's not overloaded. A balanced vine grows the best-tasting fruit, so we have to balance the amount of fruit with what the vine can ripen to achieve outstanding flavor!

We carefully tend to every individual bunch on every vine this time of year to make sure there aren't too many clusters, and that clusters aren't too tight (so the berries have room to grow). We also make sure every bunch is hanging freely and not entangled in the wood, shoots, or leaves.

The result is healthy vines that can naturally grow great tasting fruit!