Thank you for your interest in locating our premium table grapes in a market near you. Click on your state in the map below for a list of retailers who carry our exceptional table grapes and a link to their store locations in your area.


Please keep in mind that the availability of each variety of our premium table grapes differs throughout the season by their unique ripening schedule and based on weather patterns and other environmental variables that change every year. Additionally, the logistics of the supply chain from us, the growers, to your local store are complex. That can make it difficult for us to pinpoint exactly when our grapes are available in your favorite market.

If you can’t locate one of our friendly retail partners near you on our map, then contact the produce manager of your local store and request they carry our delicious premium grapes. Each of our grape varieties are unique, limited quantities that have different windows of availability. We wait until each one is at its peak of flavor before we harvest them. To find out the date ranges when each flavorful variety is in season review our Availability Calendar.

Please remember our produce is seasonal, limited, and in demand so don't wait...visit a retailer in your area today. Our world class flavor is worth your effort.