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Ever wonder where delicious Grapery grapes come from? Nobody pays more attention to the details every step of the way. That’s why we’re happy to share the unique journey our world class table grapes take to ultimately grace your table.

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Bred Naturally for Flavor
Our breeding partners search all over the world for all kinds of outstanding, delicious table grape varieties. We then naturally and carefully cross-breed them over a period of many years. It’s the only way to develop exceptional flavors and fun new shapes like our remarkable Moon Drops and amazing Cotton Candy grapes! But that’s only the beginning.


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Sustainable Farming
All Grapery grapes are grown in the Southern San Joaquin Valley in California. Our valley’s extraordinary combination of climate, soil and water sets the stage for us to grow the best tasting fresh table grapes in the world. Grapery’s innovative and sustainable farming practices, combined with our team’s attention to detail in the vineyard, ensure that all our grapes reach their peak flavor when it’s time to harvest.


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Harvest. Right. On Time.
Picked at perfection. Our experienced workers have a keen eye. They carefully assess and hand-select each bunch of grapes only when it reaches the peak of flavor.


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Perfect Packaging
Our Grapery team packages our incredible grapes as soon as they’re harvested so they can soon begin their journey from plant to plate


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Refrigeration - We Beat the Others Cold
To lock in the superb flavor and freshness, our team works quickly to transport the grapes to Grapery’s state of the art cold storage facility. From there, they are shipped on refrigerated trucks to grocers from coast to coast … and around the world.


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To ensure our beautiful grapes are handled with the utmost care, we partner with only the finest purveyors of fresh fruits and vegetables. We want to be sure you and your family will bring home and savor that fantastic burst of outstanding flavor while they’re perfectly ripe!


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Your Plate
Look for all of our Grapery varietals throughout both the summer and fall! We’ve got our finger on the pulse and an ear to the ground. We’d love to know what’s on your mind. Whether you’re heaping praise or wagging your finger - we’ll put our finger on whatever needs to be done. That way everybody wins. So let us know what you think! Your feedback is an integral part of Grapery’s feedback loop. We know we can’t keep growing if we don’t constantly strive to meet your expectations for the best tasting grapes in the world.