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At Grapery®, we grow the finest, best tasting grapes in the world. We take pride in how our grapes are grown. Only by planting varieties that meet our strict criteria can we be confident our customers receive the juiciest, best tasting grapes anywhere. And by meticulously caring for our vines, we also ensure they remain healthy and resistant to pests and disease.



Delicious Is in the Details

To grow the best-tasting grapes, we know every detail matters. That's precisely why at Grapery® we spend so much time perfecting our methods. We are patient growers...a new vineyard can take three years to produce its first grape. Creating a new varietal can easily take eight to ten years or more.

Growing the most flavorful grapes in the world begins even before planting. Because table grapes are not planted from a seed, selecting the perfect rootstock to start the vine from a cutting or graft is critical. By carefully choosing stock that is resistant to disease, Grapery minimizes its need to use crop protection.

Innovative Trellis System

The structure of our vineyard and the physical space for each vine is extremely important. The use of an overhead gable trellis system, pioneered by Grapery in sunny California, allows the leaves of the vines more exposure to the sun. The fruit hangs in the shade of the leaves, protected from the damaging rays of direct sunlight. The filtered light and air movement prevents disease, further enhances color and most importantly creates an unparalleled, rich flavor.

We Don’t Waste a Drop - Precision Irrigation

We understand the importance of being efficient. Water is a precious resource around the world. At Grapery, every one of our vineyards uses a water-conserving drip irrigation. We monitor our vines and soil closely, and give precise amounts of water to each plant based on only what they need.

Sustainability from the Ground Up

Our philosophy of sustainability starts with the soil itself. We apply prodigious amounts of compost under the vines every year. After several years, a thick mulch of fine feeder roots builds up. We sustain the health of the vines by spoon feeding fertilizers mixed with humic and amino acids. Lime, gypsum and dolomite within the water help to build healthy calcium levels.

Our team also applies seaweed to the vines and soil, along with other foliar nutrients that enhance vine nutrition. We carefully manage our canopy to increase air movement and position our branches to reduce fungal diseases.

All of these efforts strengthen the immune system of the vines and help to ward off disease and pests. Plus, these efforts improve the flavor of the fruit substantially.

Protecting Plants, Protecting People

Unfortunately, sometimes even these efforts aren’t enough. When this happens we judiciously use plant protectants at low rates using electrostatic sprayers to both minimize doses and to prevent drift. The materials chosen are the lowest toxicity to mammals and break down rapidly to minimize any negative impact.

We evaluate each pesticide, organic or conventional, for consumer safety and for low impact on our workers and the environment. Our team also tests our grapes to ensure there are no detectable residues on the fruit, which helps us confirm there’s no ‘drift’ from neighboring farms.

Supporting Global Economies

We believe that by using “medicine” appropriately when necessary to protect the crop, Grapery® protects the livelihood of our farmworkers and the local economy. When a crop is wiped out by disease or pests, workers don’t work and communities suffer. That too is a critical part of Grapery’s sustainability philosophy.

We are dedicated to growing exceptional grapes by sustainable means and with safe and fair labor practices. Together, this creates and supports a vibrant local and regional economy for many years to come.

Great Flavor Is Always in Season

Grapes break bud in March, bloom in May, and are primarily harvested July through November. Working together, the perfect combination of sun, water and soil create delectable grapes. California's sunny, hot and dry summers make our grapes the best-tasting fruit...naturally.

Skilled vineyard workers prune every winter to guarantee our grapes are the best they can be. Pruning reduces crop load, and ensures that the remaining fruit will be of the highest quality. Additional crews work diligently to trim and position bunches so they will develop with the proper balance of sun and shade as well as the ultimate in supreme flavor, color and size. In the fall, our workers cover our vines with recycled plastic to protect the fruit from rain so we can harvest later when the flavors reach their absolute peak of flavor.

Grapery grapes are produced in a smart, natural system that enhances the environment and makes a great tasting and healthy product. Our grapes provide excellent nutrition, delicious flavor, and a truly delightful eating experience. Our hard work and attention to detail produces a bounty of succulent grapes every season that are not only beautiful inside and out, but are bursting with a one-of-a-kind, memorable flavor.

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